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‘The Angry Summer of 2012/13’

Climate Commission report 'The Angry Summer of 2012/13' released today. The report provides a summary of the extreme weather of the 2012/2013 summer and the influence of climate change on such events.

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China begins clean up

21 Feb 2013 Angus Grigg, Australian Financial Review China's central government has unveiled an ambitious plan to begin cleaning up the country's degraded environment, proposing the introduction of a carbon tax, a levy on water use and higher taxes on…

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Annual Australian Climate Statement Annual Australian Climate Statement

Annual Australian Climate Statement

Bureau of Meteorology today released its Annual Australian Climate Statement that provides a detailed summary of the significant weather and climate events in Australia in 2012. The report states that In 2012, maximum temperatures in Australia were 0.51 °C above…

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Climate Commission Report

Australia’s actions are a vital contribution to the global effort to combat climate change. Today, the Climate Commission’s third major report was released and follows a series of reports on the science and impacts of climate change and the opportunities…

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