Replenishing the planet, one seed at a time

WithOneSeed works with communities across Australia and the Asia Pacific region to make environments sustainable, to end poverty and hunger, to build knowledge and to create regional partnerships.



We’re working for environmental sustainability,
one seed at a time.


Economic participation

We’re working to
end poverty and hunger,
one dollar at a time.


Open education

We’re working to
build knowledge,
one learning at a time.


Regional partnerships

We’re working to build relationships,
one partner at a time.

WithOneSeed Patron – His Excellency Dr Jose Ramos Horta

Do you know?

“Over 1 billion people are connected to the internet.”
Computer emissions FACT 1
“There are over 4.8 billion mobile phone users around the world.”
Computer emissions FACT 2
“There are over 2 billion videos viewed on YouTube everyday.”
Computer emissions FACT 3


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  • City Of Yarra
  • InfoTimor
  • Royal Botanic Gardens