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40 Billion Tons

CO2 = 40 billion tons

Scientists from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of East Anglia (UEA) released their annual Global Carbon Budget report on Tuesday, which found that the continued burning of fossils fuels will drive carbon dioxide emissions to…

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Climate Action Day

60,000 attend climate action day

60,000 Australians attended national day of climate action events around the country as the Carbon tax bill goes before the House of Reps this week. Melbourne delivered the largest turnout for Sunday's national day of climate action, with up to…

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Carbon Price

Carbon pricing is cost-effective

Keep the price on carbon... Carbon pricing most cost-effective way to reduce carbon emissions, says OECD. An OECD study, called Effective Carbon Prices, found that other policies, such as feed-in tariffs, industry regulation and subsidies, are far less economically preferable…

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Price On Carbon

Keep the price on carbon

Australia is on track for its warmest ever year, says study. The past 12 months have been 0.22C warmer than any other equivalent period prior to 2013, says Climate Council. The Climate Council study, called Off the Charts, says that…

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Record Temperatures

Record temperatures

Researchers warn record temperatures could hit as early as 2020. "The global average under the business-as-usual, we-don't-do-anything [scenario] is 2047, and if we are able to take aggressive action now to mitigate our CO2, that year gets pushed back to…

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IPCC report released

IPCC report underlines the need for climate action The IPCC report to be officially released later today finds, again, that humans are to blame for increasing global temperatures. It adds an exclamation mark to the call to reduce greenhouse gas…

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New Climate Council

The newly named Climate Council will continue to inform 21st century society simply needs authoritative, accurate, reliable, nonbiased information on climate change to function as a modern democracy. Those societies whose populations have the best scientific understanding often make the…

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Abbott decision criticised

Abbott decision to scrap Climate Commission criticised by UK climate action institute. The Grantham Research Institute in The London School of Economics, is one body that's long advocated more action on climate change. ABC radio report today: "Well I think…

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