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Petitioning Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott and the Coalition: Reconsider your plan to dismantle the $10 billion Clean Energy Fund. Please sign this petition to show your support for renewable energy and call on the government to halt its plans to dismantle this important…

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The colour purple

UN climate report turns to purple to highlight risks. The new purple replaces red at about a 2 degree rise over current levels to indicate extreme risks to many unique and threatened human and natural systems. Read more

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Solar Panels

Clean energy $4billion hit

The Age – August 19. Renewable energy: Analysts fear a cash shortfall if Coalition wins government. The Coalition's climate change plan is about $4 billion short of the funding required to meet its greenhouse emissions pledge. Read more

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Carbon cuts won

The Australian July 27, 2013 12:00AM AUSTRALIA is on track to achieve almost half its bipartisan 5 per cent carbon dioxide emission reduction target without having to buy any permits on a global trading market, a survey of past and…

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Turn Down The Heat

Risks to those most vulnerable

Climate change poses risks to those already most vulnerable Rising global temperatures are increasingly threatening the health and livelihoods of Sub-Saharan Africa, South East Asia and South Asia, a new report from the World Bank has found. Turn down the…

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Carbon tax mantra blunted

A recent poll conducted by JWS Research for the Climate Institute, found just 37 per cent of people now supported the Coalition's intention to wind the carbon tax back in favour of its ''Direct Action'' policy, which involves paying companies…

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40 Billion Tons

Victoria’s Critical Decade

Today, Australia's top independent climate scientists released information guaranteed to have the mining lobby on the attack tomorrow: most of the planet's remaining fossil fuels cannot be burned if we are to stabilise the climate this century.

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