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Joao Tadeu Gusmao

Joao Tadeu Gusmao – 1965 to 2012

It is with enormous sadness that we acknowledge the death of our esteemed colleague and great friend Joao (John) Tadeu Gusmao. A wonderful man who embraced and led the WithOneSeed project in Baguia, Timor Leste as project Coordinator and Chairman…

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Dr José Ramos-Horta

WithOneSeed Patron

Dr José Ramos-Horta confirms his Patronage of WithOneSeed. At a meeting in Melbourne last week, WithOneSeed organisers met with His Excellency José Ramos-Horta, Nobel laureate and former President and Prime Minister of Timor Leste and His Excellency Abel Guterres, Timor…

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Do you know? Fact#5

Do you know of the 7 billion people on this planet, over 1 billion people use a computer and over 4.8 billion use a mobile phone and every day Google + button is served more than 5 billion times, over 2.7 billion facebook ‘Likes’ and over 2 billion videos are viewed on YouTube and over 16.7 billion SMS are sent. Find out more.

Do you know? Fact#4

As the use of technology rapidly increases, so does the environmental problem it generates from carbon emissions.

Q: How can we use computers and other devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, in an environmentally sustainable way?

A: WithOneSeed is growing forests to absorb carbon to counter the environmental effects of our computer use.
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Do you know? Fact#3

Everyday there are over 16.7 billion SMS messages sent.

These figures are increasing every year because computers and devices are so much part of our everyday life. After all, this is the information age!

But, did you also know that in 2011 global carbon emissions from computer technology was almost as high as emissions generated by the aviation industry? Which creates a pretty big environmental problem. Find out more.

WithOneSeed’s facebook gains momentum

WithOneSeed we're using social media to increase our reach, to better inform the community, increase awareness and mobilise the support needed to create sustainable environments. In the past few days WithOneSeed's facebook 'Likes' have increased by 54% generating a potential…

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Do you know? Fact#2

Everyday there’re over 1 billion Google searches, over 2.7 billion facebook Likes and over 2 billion videos viewed on YouTube.
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Do you know? fact#1

Of the 7 billion people on this planet over 1 billion people use a computer and over 4.8 billion people use a mobile phone.

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