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WithOneSeed creates local employment in Timor Leste

WOS Staff MeetingWithOneSeed has recently employed 8 local Timorese people who will work to deliver the project in Baguia, Timor Leste. This makes WithOneSeed the largest employer in the Sub-District of Baguia, outside of government.

The positions include a: Program Manager, Program Officer, Secretary and Finance, Tree Monitor, Nursery Officer, School Coordinator and a Technology Coordinator.

Expertise from local social enterprises such as InfoTimor and PermaTL will be sought to provide WithOneSeed employees with training opportunities in permaculture, technology and administration. Employees will be encouraged to share their knowledge, information and skills with the broader community and follow the WithOneSeed 4 guiding principles to create sustainable environments, to end poverty and hunger, to provide universal education and to create regional partnerships.

At the inaugural WithOneSeed staff meeting in Baguia last week, Director Andrew Mahar presented a comprehensive and inspiring introduction to the projects aims and objectives, steering the direction for the coming year. The presentation was then translated into Tetun by Project Manager, Leopoldina Joana Guterres. Staff were also presented with a WithOneSeed tee shirt at the meeting.

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