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WithOneSeed invites you to make a difference

MyCarbonCapture provides you with a real time measurement of the carbon emissions produced through your mobile data usage. Make a small contribution to help replenish the planet. Offset your carbon each time your device emissions reach $5AUS and help fund WithOneSeed reforestation activities in Timor Leste.

An annual donation to MyCarbonCapture will:

  1. support the reforestation of subsistence farmland
  2. raise living standards of families in Timor Leste, many of whom live on less than 80c a day
  3. ensure children can complete primary school and;
  4. build regional partnerships with our neighbours in Timor Leste

Individuals and organisations who wish to voluntarily offset their technology use can make an annual donation of $5 per computer device they use to MyCarbonCapture.

Distribution of funds

The fund will be used by the Community Tree Cooperatives to plant, manage and maintain trees in reforestation projects in Timor Leste.

Reforesting will improve water and soil conservation, reduce soil degradation, erosion, increase crop yields and contribute to the removal of carbon from the atmosphere. The income paid for this work will enable the growth of village-based economies to build resilient communities.

Your first year donation will be used for planting trees with your subsequent year donations being used for maintaining the trees. Reduce your computer’s carbon footprint now by supporting WithOneSeed here.

WithOneSeed has also established a Community Investment Fund to provide funding for whole-community economic development projects.

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