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Climate Reality Project

CRLCThis week in Melbourne, xpand Foundation’s Andrew Mahar AM and Lyn Jenkin participated in a 3 day training program with the Climate Reality Leadership Corps, to join a movement of global citizens taking action on the climate crisis.

The second day of the training was conducted by Chairman and Founder, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, on how to communicate the urgency of the climate crisis to people everywhere.

The training provided an opportunity to learn more about the science, the current facts and statistics of climate change and of the growing impacts being experienced by communities around the global. It also opens the door to add the ideas, skills and experience of xpand Foundation initiatives: WithOneSeed, WithOnePlanet and WithOneBean, to the growing global network of leaders committed to solving the climate crisis.

The Climate Reality Asia-Pacific training brought together people from many countries, committed to mitigating the risks of climate change impacts and implementing the solutions that will define us to future generations. The Climate Reality Leaders aim to influence communities, businesses, and governments to account for the cost of climate impacts and the benefit of implementing solutions in their decision-making.

Andrew and Lyn will be out talking to communities about climate reality and how xpand Foundation initiatives provide tangible way for people everywhere to help replenish the planet, build social and economic participation and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

To find out more about how you can help to replenish the planet, or about the Climate Reality Project contact us here:

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