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Permascout camp 2012

Permascout Camp 2012 – ‘One Nature for All’

The Permascout Camp is an annual event in Timor Leste organized by PERMASCOUT’S-TL. The Permascout Camp is a place for members of Scouting and members of the Permaculture movement, people from all sorts of backgrounds; government, business, workers, farmers, communities, families, men, women and children, from all areas of Timor-Leste and overseas.

Environmental issues and the Climate Change are the main topic during the Permascout Camp. These issues are converted into a whole range of activities from serious to fun such as workshops, training, field visits, games, exhibitions, adventures, film shows, music and arts performances.

The camp will be held in Laga, Timor Leste – 24 to 30 November 2012

To increase awareness and the knowledge of young people in East Timor about environmental issues and the importance of local knowledge.
Build the core skills of creativity, self-confidence, and honesty in our young people
Help to strengthen national unity and a feeling of nationalism in Timorese young people.

We expect that this camp will help, some young people and all East Timorese people to understand and become knowledgeable about how to protect their local environments and the local wisdom of the people.
After the camp we expect that participants will have gained skills in creativity, self-confidece and honesty.
We believe that after the camp participants, committee organizers and local communities will continue to share and collaborate amongst themselves.
Central Theme

The central theme of Permascout camp 2012 is ‘One Nature for All’

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