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Info Timor is a not-for-profit enterprise in Timor Leste providing national ICT services. It is run by Timorese people and provides three main services:

  • computer access, sales and support
  • computer training at both basic and certificate level
  • internet services.

Info Timor, the first not-for-profit social justice enterprise in Timor Leste, was established in 2006 and is today a thriving enterprise employing twenty-five Timorese. It began with the practical project of providing inexpensive remodelled computers to villagers in Baucau, the second largest township in Timor Leste.

Project spin-offs include employment in the maintenance of computer hardware, helpdesk support, computer training and community education including English language education. The enterprise drives significant community economic development and increases the capacity for adaptation to social change. It also has the capacity to provide wireless broadband internet access in rural communities outside Dili.

Access to 21st-century communications technology has other significant benefits including improved literacy and numeracy, the development of relevant e-learning applications and the capacity to introduce online commercial activity.

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