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Building the back-end

Melbourne UniThis week, WithOneSeed (WOS) briefed a Melbourne University Business Consulting Capstone group on an analysis and research project. The brief is to design the back-end system for WOS that will enable the management of donor activities and Community Tree Cooperative tree planting activities. This is a vital piece in the development of WOS infrastructure to allow accountability and transparency. This is the fourth project undertaken between WithOneSeed and Melbourne University Capstone.

The Capstone group will analyse the WOS business model, research other back-end Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and provide a final report with recommendations on a system design.

The CRM will provide the capacity for WithOneSeed to track and manage information about the Community Tree Cooperatives, the Community Investment Fund, the Universal Education programs as well as information about partnerships, sponsors, customers and donations from the Computer Emissions Fund.

It is a large undertaking that the final year commerce students are well equipt to deliver on. The design will provide WOS with information to build a system that will underpin WithOneSeed activities.

For more information contact WithOneSeed.

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