We’re working to replant the forests, one seed at a time

WithOneSeed is a social enterprise that is taking action on climate change through community forestry in Timor Leste and through open education initiatives in Australia. These initiatives work to make environments sustainable, to end poverty and hunger, to build knowledge and to create regional partnerships.

WithOneSeed has 3 core community forestry activities

Community forestry graphic

1. Planting and maintaining trees

WithOneSeed has established an enterprise called Ho Musan Ida to manage the community forestry project in Baguia, Timor Leste.

Ho Musan Ida works with subsistence farming communities to generate an income from planting and maintaining trees on their land and as an extension to build local economies, boost education and training, and deliver social and economic participation.

2. Certification

A key element of the original WithOneSeed concept of getting subsistence farming communities to re-establish and maintain the natural forests where they live was to develop a certified carbon sink that would allow the farming community to derive an income through the international carbon markets.

This has now become a focus of the community forestry activity.  The tree propagation and planting activities of the project have shown that farmers will care for and maintain newly planted trees if there are immediate financial rewards as well as longer-term environmental benefits.

WithOneSeed has partnered with Ramp Carbon and Baker and McKenzie to attain Gold Standard Afforestation/Reforestation Certification.

3. Tree farmer training

Train the trainer programs in agroforestry and permaculture focus on building the skills and knowledge of Baguia tree farmers.

WithOneSeed has partnered with the Australian Agroforestry Foundation to deliver their Master Tree Growers’ Course in Baguia.  This training, that has been successfully delivered in Africa and Indonesia, will provide tree farmers with knowledge and skills to manage the natural forest that is being created in Baguia.

The ‘train the trainer’ model encourages participants to train others in the Master Tree Grower concepts.

Progress to date

  • Established enterprise called Ho Musan Ida to manage community forestry project in Baguia
  • Formed the Baguia Tree Cooperative with 10 village based chapters now formalizing as a legal entity
  • 251 subsistence farmers engaged in planting and maintaining trees
  • 40,093 trees planted and under management
  • Designed and constructed 3 village based plant nurseries each with the capability to propagate 20,000 seedlings per year.
  • Carbon Certification under the Gold Standard Foundation process underway
  • Employment of 11 local Timorese to develop the community forestry initiative
  • Tree farmer training in agroforestry and permaculture

WithOneSeed's community forestry story in pictures