WithOneSeed a social enterprise that is taking action on climate change through community forestry in Timor Leste. It is dedicated to improving the resilience of subsistence communities to make environments sustainable, to end poverty and hunger, to deliver open education and to create regional partnerships.

WithOneSeed in Australia

WithOneSeed is ‘planting’ seeds through regional partnerships and open education initiatives to enable Australians to better understand the impacts of carbon on our environment, on our culture and on our rights and responsibilities as global citizens.

WithOneSeed in Timor Leste

WithOneSeed is working with subsistence farming communities to generate income through a community forestry initiative. The reforestation of their land reduces soil erosion, improves soil and water quality, crop yields and nutrition, which improves the health and wellbeing of the community. It also helps to build the local economy, boost education and training and to deliver social and economic participation.

WithOneSeed’s story in pictures