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WithOnePlanet Progress Report

ReportWithOneSeed is developing both an e-learning portal and a new inquiry-based teaching and learning system that focuses on climate change through three themes: Carbon, Culture and Citizenship. The resources are designed for primary and secondary schools and for vocational training across Australia and the Asia Pacific region. WithOneSeed’s Open Education portal and accompanying curriculum resources will be delivered under the name of WithOnePlanet.

The core resources for Years F to 10 have been developed under the guidance of the xpand Foundation and funded by the Australia Department of Education (formerly the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations). These resources have been developed to align with the Australian curriculum and are coordinated for whole-school integration across multiple subject areas and will be freely available to Australia schools.

WithOnePlanet will provide opportunities for teachers to engage students in single or trans-disciplinary areas of study and ‘plants the seeds’ of learning to enable students to develop a practical understanding of their environment, the carbon cycle, their culture, their energy consumption and their rights and responsibilities as citizens of the Asia Pacific region.

WithOnePlanet curriculum resources focus on three modules:
1. WithOnePlanet – Module 1: Carbon (where we live)
2. WithOnePlanet – Module 2: Cultural (who we are)
3. WithOnePlanet – Module 3: Citizenship (how we live)

The three modules are designed to intersect with each other to provide the building blocks for students to understand how their actions can promote a sustainable future. The modules also provide opportunities for Australian schools to connect with schools communities in Timor Leste through technology and through exchange programs. This enables schools to establish collaborative and supportive educational and awareness-raising programs with subsistence communities in Timor Leste who are participating in WithOneSeed’s reforestation cooperatives.

You can obtain a copy of the progress report by emailing

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