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Universal Education begins from Cranbourne

WithOneSeed in partnership with the Royal Botanic Gardens (RBG) Victoria has developed a school-based educational curriculum with education practitioners in Victoria, Australia and Baguia, Timor Leste.

The curriculum and activities are designed to broaden knowledge and awareness about the carbon cycle and provide a practical ‘call to action’ that connects school communities in Australia with subsistence school communities in Timor Leste.

WithOneSeed will provide practical resources to increase student awareness of how computer technology is significantly contributing to climate change. Students will focus on the individual cost of technology use and how to take action.

The RBG environmental program’s coordinator, Michael Robertson says a RBG Cranbourne Field Trip provides students with a hand-on problem-based learning opportunity.

‘The carbon economy has arrived in Australia. Carbon now has a value that can be bought and sold so a whole new industry has arrived creating sustainable employment into the future. This program actively immerses students in the new Carbon Market. It takes them from an understanding of what carbon is, how it cycles through the atmosphere, through to trading carbon offsets on international markets. Activities include demonstrating the characteristics of carbon, measuring carbon in trees and fieldwork assessment tasks on the levels of carbon in forests.’ Michael said.

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