Increasing social and economic participation in subsistence communities can help end poverty and hunger, provide education and training, create employment opportunities, raise living standards and improve infrastructure.

While mobility around Timor is increasing, many people in the Districts cannot move easily around due to the lack of public transport, the conditions of the roads and infrastructure and the cost of fuel. Therefore much of the income derived at the village level remains in the village. So the payment directly into the village economy for tree management and associated services results in building local community wealth.


Local employment

Ho Musan ida employs 11 local staff in Baguia. It is the biggest employer outside of the government and schools. Regular paid work is the exception in subsistence communities like Baguia and those who are able to find work are expected to use the income they earn to support their broader family. Ho Musan Ida staff are no exception and they support many extended family members. In one case a Ho Musan staff member supports 19 other people as well as himself on the monthly income of $300.

Tree management payments

Annual payments to members of the Community Tree Cooperatives for planting and maintaining trees will increase their incomes, which is as low as 88c a day.

Certified carbon credits

Certification under the Gold Standard Foundation is currently in process. Local Stakeholder Consultation involves meetings across Baguia to encourage farmer contribution to shaping the program. Once the Local Stakeholder Consultation is complete, a report will be prepared and submitted to the Gold Standard Foundation. After the report is assessed, an Auditor will visit Baguia to verify the project and all associated documentation. (note that the funding for the certification process has been provide the PMF fund.)


WithOneBean is a premium Arabica coffee. Grown and harvested by subsistence farming communities in Timor Leste and roasted in Australia. WithOneBean returns 100% of the profit to support environmental and educational initiatives in Timor Leste. WithOneBean and its partners will ensure that coffee farmers in Timor Leste get paid a fair price for their green coffee beans. The WithOneBean market is the corporate and business community in Australia.

Progress to date

  • Two hundred and fifty one subsistence farmers receiving an annual payment for maintaining trees on their land
  • Employment of eleven local Timorese staff by Ho Musan Ida
  • Establishment of WithOneBean Coffee with a social story.

WithOneSeed's economic participation story in pictures